Race: Hobgoblin
Class: Wuxian Sage 6
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Description: Carnon is the head trainer for the martial artists of the Saridoran Hobgoblins. He values integrity, honor, and loyalty to Saridor above all else.

Fortress of Saridor

Saridoran Hobgoblins - Martial Arts Trainer


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Fortress of Saridor Part 1 11-01-2012 Dueled Li Fong one on one and won and made friends with him.
2 The Black-Scaled Terror 03-28-2012 Sent the group to the Serpent Mire to retrieve an Orb of Dragonkind, in order to avert a dire prophecy.
3 Pseudo Good-Guys 04-07-2012 Allowed the party to take shelter within the Fortress of Saridor from the College's pawns. During their stay the adventurers learned some of the art of his. Was reluctant to believe in some warnings (related to dragon orbs) but still took the into consideration.
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