Captain Coltrane

Race: Major Fiendish Bloodline Half-Vampire Human
Class: Unknown
Alignment: ???

Description: Also known as 'Altair', "captain" of the "borrowed" Dark Remnant I, and descendant(?) of Seren. Was found to be possessed/infected by an unknown being, and held in a stasis cell. Appears to be human/slightly elvish/vampiric? Was held in stasis and stable aboard the ship till the party recovered him back into the 'waking world'.

The header that deals with the businesses/organizations the NPC runs goes here:
Unknown, though aligned against "Imperials".


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Dark Current (Pt. 4) 09/12/2013 Mentioned in a journal Seren stumbled on. Spoke about how he 'liberated' a ship, was in debt, and was starting to get posessed/go insane.
2 The Dark Current (Pt. 5) 09/18/2013 Found in the Dark Remnant I's stasis cell. Clearly possessed by some being which warped them to the shades to attack them.
3 The Dark Current (Pt. 6) 09/26/2013 With his possessing spirit defeated, currently healed to stable condition and still in stasis… Though people have plans for discussion.
4 Discontinuity 10/19/2013 Finally awakened, confusing the reality with the drug-induced 'trip he's gotten himself into after subjecting himself to a largo dose of 'dream dust'. After realizing the after effects of such (both the demise of his crew as well as well as finding himself in a different time-frame, become adamant about not letting his 'relatives' to know more of the future.
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