character sheet
Player: TyrannoStorm
Race: Necropolitan Phrenic Kobold
Class: Seer 5/Anarchic Initiate 8
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Appearance: Besides the unnatural white of his scales (a side-effect of his undeath), his appearance is that of a Kobold in his prime. However, this belies his true nature. He wears loose attire, and it is all black. He is as small as all members of his race. He never blinks.

Personality: Cael believes that free will and choice is an illusion. People are controlled by their emotions, their allegiances, their beliefs. Freedom can never truly be attained, except by the loss of all emotional attachments. He is not emotionless, but totally and completely suppresses his conscience and morals whenever necessary in the pursuit of his ideal. He is inquisitive and curious, valuing all knowledge, whether attaining it involves investigating an ancient ruin, holding a conversation with others, or simply tapping the cosmic energy of the multiverse. He resents being controlled or manipulated.

Background: Cael was born as Dragonwrought Kobold, destined for great things. He lived happily with his tribe for many years, and distinguished himself through his genius. He was eventually chosen to become the chieftain of his tribe. He led for many decades, before necromancers attacked their village. They slew dozens, and used the rest for their experiments. Cael was a member of the latter group. The necromancers tried a new experimental method of creating undead slaves, but Cael retained his mind. He craftily pretended that he was a true cadaver instead of a zombie. He was tossed into a deep grave with the other failures. He was trapped there for years, entombed in the dirt, trapped between life and death. With no physical sensations to rely on, he began to meditate. His mind turned inward, unleashing latent psychic energy, before turning outward. He began to receive visions of the world, and the future. It was then that he realized: there is no free will, or choice, or justice in the world. Eventually, erosion ate away at his prison, and he was once again free to walk the world.

Membership: Hero of Duramere

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 8/8/12 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 0 What your character buys on his birthday goes here
3 Duramere part 2 8/14/12 2325 1806 Soldier cloak, MW silver dagger Cael travels to the Mire to find shadowmoss, a cure for the infected villagers. After killing a giant snake, he learns that taking the moss will kill the firesprites that inhabit the cave. With neither option being preferable, Cael flips a coin to decide who to spare. The coin chooses the villagers, and Cael takes the moss.
4 Duramere part 3 8/15/12 1500 100 Cael and the others return the cure in time to save the infected, and are lauded as heroes.
5 Haven Plots: Haven Under Attack! 8/22/12 4500 4900 Guild Of Golded Gambits Medal Of Heroism, Tip From Sam Cael meets with several adventurers in Sam's bar who agree to kill orcs for the Guild. Their plans are thwarted, however, when orcs come to them instead in an assault on Haven. Cael and co rush to the scene, stopping to save a little girl along the way, and hold off the orcs until help can arrive.
6 Wutherton: Scouring the Blight 8/23/12 2400 6063 Cael accepts a job to protect Wutherton from the infected, and banters with Sir Vilem.
7 Haven Plots: A Quick Rescue 8/23/12 1500 1200 Cael meets a crazy hermit and kills a flesh golem.
8 Shopping -3001 Gloves of Object Reading, Handmirror
9 Elria is Missing part 1 8/25/12 2000 Cael agrees to help the guild find Elria. Sam offers to help, for a fee, but Cael wants to pursue his own leads first. He butts heads with Lord Arqell and almost loses them their job. After being unable to proceed further, they return to Sam and pay him, who reveals that he already found Istaltin, their lead. After a brutal interrogation, Cael learns that Elria is in the Mansbane Caves, and he and the party find a scryer.
10 Shopping -10005 Boots of Skating, Handy Haversack, +1 Padded Armor
11 Necropolis Purge part 1 8/26/12 1660 Cael agrees to help clear the undead from the Dragonport catacombs, and then does so.
12 The New Veil 8/31/12 4025 7500 Cael is tasked with finding Gar-Kir. After learning of his location, Cael is forced to infiltrate… as a pimp! His Psicrystal takes charge as they find Garkir, but discover that everybody in the mansion is dominated! Through the judicious use of Time Hop, Cael manages to save the Wolf Guard from their puppeteers.
13 Whispers from Beyond: The Ancient Pendant 9/7/12 800 Cael uses Object Reading on the Amulet of Dirk Darling, learning the pendant's long history. It seems it dates back to the creation of Arkus itself…
14 Shopping 9/8/12 -4008 +2 Headband of Vast Intelligence (Spellcraft), Sundark Goggles
15 The New Wave pt 3 9/20/12 1900 +242-500 Masterwork ROC Omega Mk III Signed scattergun, 70 shells Cael joins the party in their quest. He buys an autographed gun (Cael is something of a fan of Roc), saves Cade from death by drunken troll, and significantly aids the party in their conflict against a group of corrupted Plant-Boar guardians.
16 Psychic Reformation Cael's psionic capabilities have grown exponentially with his theoretical, and practical, usages, and he uses this power to reshape his very being.
17 The New Wave pt 4 9/25/12 3275 5239 Cael aids the others in the battle against Akrluxis.
18 Research 9/27/12 -800 Cael finishes his research of Metamorphosis.
19 Unveiling the Beyond (part 1) 9/27/12 1669 Cael enters the old Crew's Keep in search of an item that will increase his clairsentient powers. He meets Bonez and Charlinia down there, and agrees to assist Charlinia while he goes about his own business.
20 Research 10/1/12 -400 Cael researches Energy Missile.
21 Research 10/8/12 -800 Cael researches Dominate, Psionic.
22 Research 10/19/12 -600 Cael researches Ectoplasmic Cocoon.
23 Unveiling the Beyond pt 2 10/27/12 4925 Cael continues to venture through the underground base in search of the leyline.
24 The Veil within the Shadows 10/31/12 1025 1 Cael chases a Halfling and meets the Thieve's Guild.
25 Unveiling the Beyond pt 3 10/31/12 1550 After being teleported around repeatedly, Cael appears just in time to see a strange spectral shadow.
26 The Veil Beyond the Shadow part 2 11/12/12 4600 8020 Cael infiltrates a Black Lion guard compound to allow the others to steal supplies from the armory. However, in the process he is noticed by La-Cherana, who places him under heavy suspicion.
27 Secret Wars 12/7/12 4500 0 Crystal of Souls Crystal of Souls Cael has a vision in which he must cooperate with La-Cherana and Einharr to reach a Core guarded by Quickdraw and Frozt, as well as a legion of mooks. They succeed, and receive a Crystal of Souls. Cael releases them for the knowledge within.
28 Secret Wars 2 12/9/12 19300 0 Crystal of Souls Crystal of Souls Cael is again drawn to the Dream Heart, where he must contend with a legion of archons and Rangers. He cunningly circumvents them through burrowing and teleportation and reaches the Core, surviving the defenders' assault long enough to shatter it. He releases the souls within the shard he receives.
29 Crafting 12/15/12 0 -3828 Third Eye Sense Cael uses Psychic Reformation to gain Craft Universal Item, Exceptional Artisan, Apprentice (Craftsman), Extraordinary Artisan, and Magical Artisan. He crafts a Third Eye Sense that may only be used by Chaotic Neutrals with Psicraft.
30 Crafting/Selling 12/18/12 0 2208 Dorje of Time Hop Dorje of Time Hop Cael uses Psychic Reformation to gain Craft Dorje, Exceptional Artisan, Apprentice (Craftsman), Magical Artisan, and Extraordinary Artisan. He uses this to craft a Dorje of Time Hop and then sell it on the market.
31 Crafting/Selling 12/21/12 0 2208 Dorje of Ubiquitous Vision Dorje of Ubiquitous Vision Cael crafts a Dorje of Ubiquitous Vision and sells it on the market.
32 Crafting/Selling 12/24/12 0 2208 Dorje of Darkvision, Psionic Dorje of Darkvision, Psionic Cael crafts a Dorje of Darkvision, Psionic and sells it on the market.
33 Crafting/Selling 12/30/12 0 4121 Dorje of Wall of Ectoplasm Dorje of Wall of Ectoplasm Cael crafts a Dorje of Wall of Ectoplasm and sells it on the market.
34 Crafting/Selling 1/4/13 0 4121 Dorje of Aura Sight Dorje of Aura Sight Cael crafts a Dorje of Aura Sight and sells it on the market. He then uses Psychic Reformation to revert his feats to normal.
35 Ranks in Line pt 4 1/8/12 1938 0 Cael helps some wayward adventurers against a giant minion of the Claws of Orcus. He finishes it off for them fairly easily and uses Object Reading on the heart, but it is then stolen by a drow.
36 Research 1/19/13 -500 0 Cael researches Psionic Teleport.
37 Rokugan Civil War Preparations 7 2/02/13 1500 0 Cael, while searching for a lead on the Amulet of Dirk Darling in Rokugan, runs across another group of adventurers.
38 Crafting/Seling 2/3/13-4/11/13 0 316483 Cael has spent his time amassing his time amassing a fortune, making and selling items.
39 Shopping 4/11/13 0 -320000+8500 Headband of Mental Superiority +6, Belt of Physical Might +6, Ring of Protection +5 Torc of Power Preservation, Skin of Proteus, Cloak of Resistance +5, Blurring Enhancement Headband of Vast Intelligence +2, Cloak of Resistance +1 Now that Cael is rolling in the deep, he purchases master class wondrous items, selling his outdated models in the process.
40 Wight Town B 4/14/13 2500 7500 On a whim, Cael helps fight back wights in a village beset by them. Afterward, he provokes Azgalor into a fight by telling him of his undead "condition", and defeats him.
41 Marketing 4/15/13-4/23/13 0 11443 Cael makes and sells items.
42 Shop 4/24/13 0 -6000 Shirt of Wraith Stalking
43 Marketing 4/25/13-5/17/13 0 31470 Cael crafts and sells items.
44 Marketing 5/18/13-7/08/13 0 46523 Cael crafts and sells items.
45 Self Improvement 7/09/13 -1860 30452— 50 Arrows of the Manifester Cael rebuilt into an Erudite over the timeskip. These are the XP and GP costs of the extra powers and spells he has learned, minus the ones he had already researched independently during his time as a Psion. He also Incarnated Know Direction and Location and Detect Psionics and Detect Teleportation.
46 Selling 07/10/2013-09/10/2013 0 91523 240 Dorjes 240 Dorjes Cael gains Craft Dorje, and then starts to produce a vast amount of dorjes. He uses Psychic Reformation to gain Craft Dorje, Legendary Artisan, Extraordinary Artisan, Exceptional Artisan, Magical Artisan (Craft Dorje), Magical Artisan (Extraordinary Artisan), Magical Artisan (Exceptional Artisan), and Magical Artisan (Legendary Artisan).
47 Buying 09/10-12/2013 0 -137500 Book, Tome of Clear Thought +5 Cael buys and reads a Tome of Clear Thought.
48 Pay Outs 09-18-2013 0 20000 Cael mooches 20000 off Rick Dodger at the tavern.
49 Research 09-21-2013 -200 Cael researches Astral Construct.
50 Shopping 9/26/2013 -18000 Amulet of Enemy Detection
51 Dark Currents 6 9/26/13 33265 TBA Cael arrives in alternate realm due to a teleportation mishap, where he and several allies have to fight off powerful enemies.
52 Overhaul 09/27/13 Level 13 Unchanged With the retirement of Malluma, I have increased Cael's level.
53 Incarnation 9/27/13 -1500 Cael uses Bend Reality to employ Incarnate, and incarnates Tongues, Psionic.
54 Crafting 9/27-10/3/13 10677 28 Dorjes Dorjes 28 Cael crafts and sells dorjes.
55 Shopping 10/03/13 -12000 Ring of Anticipation, 4 Bend Reality Components Cael buys a Ring of Anticipation and 4 of the components used in the manifestation of Bend Reality.
56 Crafting 10/03-10/18/13 0 18495 Dorjes Dorjes Cael makes and sells dorjes.
57 Cael goes to Town 10/18/2013 1000 0 Nenngar, CPU, Coin of Dirk Darling, Singing Duck Coin of Dirk Darling, Amulet of Dirk Darling Cael is approached by The Sanctified Minds, who would like his assistance in investigating events in The Sunless Citadel. In return, they offer him the Coin of Dirk Darling, which Cael agrees to. After dispelling a ward and learning of past events that have taken place, the Sanctified Minds hold up their end of the bargain and Cael leaves with the Coin (and a singing, gem-encrusted duck). He returns to his sanctum, where he finds a Nenngar that he begins to domesticate by giving it gems as a treat. Afterwards, he combines the Coin with the Amulet, which show him a map. He deducts the location that it depicts is Durge, before using Object Reading on the device. To his surprise it seems to tell him the future, stating he will voluntarily lose the amulet for unknown reasons.
58 Cael Goes to Town 2 10/19/2013 TBD 0 Cael consults the CPU, and is barraged with information he doesn't fully understand. Shaken, he prepares to go to The Red Desert to investigate potential clues, but when he Scries that location he sees a group of tyrannical halflings using kobolds as slave labor.
59 Tavern 10/24/2013 1725 0 Cael threatens a Psionic cat and battles Irthos Lorvsek.
60 Dragons and Domination 11/11/2013 7000 2000 While travelling, Cael pacifies two black dragons that are seeking their eggs.
61 Cael Goes to Town (continuation part 2) 11/16/13 5550 0 Cael Teleports to the Ancient Burial Site, and immediately starts wreaking havoc. After creating an invisible Astral Construct to terrorize the ground level soldiers, he Dominates the officer and takes him into the site to pump him for information. He learns that the halflings are conducting their operation for the plan of their "leader", who they have an almost religious fervor for. Cael moves on, striking from the shadows and indiscriminately killing the kobold slavers until he finds a room with a cleric and a large crowd of grunts. Using Control Sound, he changes the cleric's inspirational yet evil speech into one that has the Panzers killing all of the grunts. He again moves on after killing the cleric, and finds a secret door on the word of two kobolds, which he Disintegrates and enters.
62 Contingency 11/17/2013 0 0 0 0 Cael manifests Contingency. If somebody takes hostile action against him while he is off guard, Synchronicity will manifest.
63 Marketing 11/17/2013-1/30/2013 0 91740 Cael crafts and sells dorjes.
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