Brunhilde Hilde Draig Cyfaill



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Player: Rayne
Race: Dwarf
Class: Rogue 3
Alignment: Chaotic Good with tendencies towards Neutrality

Appearance: Brunhilde, Hilde for short, is a well built Dwarven woman who stands about 4 feet and 11 inches tall. A feminine, but practical body weighing in at approximately 140 pounds gets her where she needs to go, and ornate, tribal stylized beads and jewelry adorn her long, red hair. She appears to be relatively young for a Dorf, though at 31 years old she's a veteran adult by human standards.

Personality: Dwarven is Hilde's main language, and though she's fluent in numerous languages, she speaks with a hard Dwarven accent all the same. Hilde is a Dorf through and through; she bristles with Dwarven pride and typical Dwarven hospitality. She can be cold towards those that make a bad first impression on her, but she's an easy friend for life.

Background: Its a mystery to everybody.

Membership: dragonport-thieves-guild - Merchant District Branch Leader

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation Mar 20, 2012 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) Mar 20, 2012 0 -198G 1S 2C Parade Armor, Shortsword w/ Dagger Pommel, Dagger, Light Horse, Light Crossbow, Thieve's Tools, Crossbow Bolt x20, Candle x10, Standard Adventurer's Kit, Climber's Kit, Journal + Pen
3 Good Guys Octagon Mar 22, 2012 1200 ('rivered') + 700 RP 10,010 GP Vest of many Styles Was the fight manager for Lorane. Stole 10 GP worth of luxury towels and bathing supplies from a mansion.
4 Downtime: Buying Mar 22, 2012 0 -8,750 G Thieves Guild Branch: Merchant District, Masterwork Heavy Crossbow, Crossbow Repeater Module, Extra Module, Masterwork Guild Armor, Masterwork Thieve's Tools, 550 GP of Masterwork Tools Studded Leather Armor, Light Crossbow Bought a grand house (10 rooms) in the merchant district, bought a ton of stuff to prepare for future jobs, and designed custom standard guild armor.
5 Good Guys 6 3/26/2012 1,100 + 500 RP 1,000 GP + 2,000 GP salvage The town was under attack!~ We went into a castle, where Hilde focused on discovering and disarming traps. She performed a heroic deed by spending 4 AP to move, draw her lock picks, pick a door, and open the door all in one round to save a party mate that got trapped in a room with 4 skeletal rogues. Hilde also salvaged a portion of a trap worth 2,000 GP trade goods.
6 Hired Ethics Part 3 Chapter 1 Jan 3rd, 2012 1,800 XP 1000GP + 500 GP fence stolen good 500 GP Valued golden watch 500 GP valued golden watch Hilde received notice of the man Rick Dodger in need of help and offered her security expertise. He offered her a job investigating the death of a nobleman that was one of his contacts. Heading to the provided address, Hilde scaled the house and entered the second story. She discovered a dead body that had it's neck slit. She determined that the man had been beaten, kidnapped, poisoned, and then bled dry before being placed back in his bed. She also found an expensive 500 GP gold watch that she fixed and fenced. She then discovered a tengu feather, the feather of the culprit's accomplice. She then took the party off into the slums district to pursue the target.
7 Buying/Stealing Jan 3rd, 2012 0 XP -6,035 GP Bolt Cutters, Glass Cutter, Grappling Hook, Collapsible x3, Crowbar, Sawback Sword, Masterwork Climbing tool, Bottled Night x1, Daylight Pellet x12, Sap, Masterwork Hand-Crossbow, Acid Flask x3, Alchemist Fire x3, Liquid Ice x3, Alchemist's Spark x3, Masterwork Tool - alchemy, Spider Kit, Potion Bladder, Mister x2 , Darkvision Powder Vial x3, Small Black-Powder Bomb x 16, Heward's Handy Haversack, Drow Poison x6, Stun Gas x6, Sleep-Gas x6, Master's Gloves, Potion of CLW x1, Bolts x10, Breathing Hood x1 - -
8 Hired Ethics Part 3 Chapter 2 Jan 5th, 2013 2,200 XP 2,026 GP 6 SP 2 CP 500 GP theft, +1 Adamantine Great-axe Drow Poison x1 Hilde led the group of hired investigators down to the slums district. After some bribery and shady dealings, she led the party upstairs, and incapacitated a tengu. Their target, Slitch, then fled the building. Hilde gave chase but lost him, and then Slitche's guards attacked the party. Hilde went back to help knock out the ogres, but was nearly cleaved in half as one of the ogre's axe's ripped through her armor and nearly killed her in a single strike; an attack that hilde barely got hit by. Bleeding and wounded heavily, hilde escaped the fight to lick her wounds, and allowed the rest of the party to clean up before she pilfered and plundered Slitch's room.
9 |Hired Ethics Part 3 Chapter 3 Jan 6th, 2013 1,950 XP 1,000 GP - - The group hilde was in met up with their employer, and took time to interrogate and research the victims they had kidnapped. During this time Hilde just watched the others and helped guide Seren in being a good interrogator. Hilde herself however busied herself with crafting another drow-poison to refill her poison mister.
10 Downtime: Crafting January 7th, 2013 - 9,491.33 (GP Value) Drow Poison x1, Masterwork Diamond-Edged Adamantine Wrist-Blade, Wrist-Blade, Kneeblade x2, Bootblade x2, Elbowblade x2, Adamantine Dagger x8, 5 Lbs of Adamantine, Crystal Headed Bolts x10, Fire-Forged Bolt x5, Frost-Forged Bolt x5, Smokestick x4, Flashbang x4, Eggshell Grenade x4, Shadow Cloak, Belt of Ultimate Athleticism +1 Adamantine Greataxe, Adamantine Dagger x9 Hilde spent several days reforging the adamantine from a great-axe into several masterwork, smaller weapons, several of which she distributed to the rest of her former peers, and several of which she kept for herself. She also forged new equipment, restocked supplies, and purchased new equipment to further increase her number of tricks and contingencies.
11 Demonic Delve Hunt January 11th, 2013 1,900 XP to be determined TBD - Hilde led a group of adventurers into a swamp to pursue a lead where people were going missing, and their bodies were ending up in the swamps. The catch was that the bodies were later reanimating as undead and wandering off. During the delve, Hilde disarmed several traps, and let the party deal with their arch nemesis while she explored the rest of the caves. She assassinated an ogre (her first kill ever) in order to free the slaves, marking her first kill as an avenger. She then recovered a bunch of loot and they are in the process of exploring the rest of the caves.
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