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Player: Duralan
Race: Dwarf
Class: Psychic Warrior 6/War Mind 1
Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: A broad-shouldered and stocky dwarven fellow he is. Brovark prefers to have his hair shaved leaving only the pride of every dwarven male, that being beard, loosely braided so as not to lock somewhere in the suit of full plate he almost never parts with.
Otherwise the dwarf is covered by more than few tattoos of deep sapphire hue which appear to at times glow when the 'rune magic' of his is at work.

Personality: Even for dwarven standards Brovark may be considered simpletonish if not downright crude or even rude but such could be attributed 'low birth' and (by the extension) the fact that the streets of Dragonport Swampside were 'responsible' for his upbringing after his parents ended up being exiled. As a result Brovark developed a bit of a spiteful personality envying the status of the others to the point of resorting to crime if that would allow him to acquire what he simply needed to better his existence. After some major events which turned his life a bit upside-down he grew to be more likable but tis going to be more of a long-term process. The crudeness remains though.

Background: Born to clan whose name he never learned, to parents exiled from their clanshold for an offense he never heard about … the man's life perspectives were looking pretty grim till he learned stone masonry techniques while at the same time… tapping into 'rune magic' as he called it. After undetermined amount of time Brovark realized his own worth and, after borrowing his father's heirloom armaments, sought to make a name for himself as a mercenary. His natural abilities made him quite competent at the task making the young dwarf find a semblance of new home within the ranks of a newly-formed dwarven mercenary company also known as Iron Fist which he founded together with a similarly unlucky fellow known as Granit.

Membership: Iron Fist, co-founder

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 01-31-2013 1300 XP transferred from WikiXP for lvl 2 1000gp Wiki transfer and such
2 Character Creation (buying) 01-31-2013 - —- Masterwork Greataxe, Masterwork Chain Mail with Masterwork Armor Spikes, Masterwork Stoneworking tools, 3 javelins, std adventurer's kit Bought
3 The Path to Ascendancy (Part1) 06/29/2013 +3960 +8k Got employed by an elf-man. Got riddled at the very beginning but then bashed greenskins good. Earned a mountain of gold yar-har-har-har.
4 Downtime: Buying 06-30-2013 −7850 +1 Greataxe (enhanced), belt of healing, steadfast boots, +1 full plate with masterwork armor spikes Bought.
5 Downtime: Selling 06-30-2013 +125 Masterwork Chain-Mail Sold.
6 The Path to Ascendancy (Part2) 07/13/2013 +3500 +8200 Cut some bloody ettin heads off today ! Yar-har-har ! There's a whole bloody greenskin army prancin' under our noses… the elf-man's hiding something I tell ya.
7 Downtime: Buying 07-14-2013 −8000 Gloves of Ogre's Power +1, Brutal Surge Ability Added to the Great-axe. Bought.
9 Enter the Djinn 07/14/2013 +2000 +5000 Cut down a big bloody-lizard… or was it red-dragon ? Matters not as the feline became a a walkin' goldmine ! HAHAHA !
10 Downtime: Buying 07-15-2013 −4100 Armbands of Might. Bought.
11 The Path To Ascendancy(Part 4) 09/17/2013 +12650 +12500 Dinnae' why we are that needed with the Elf-Man's siblin' being a whirlwind of flames. And death. Had good time and cut down that bloody 'obgoblin general's down ! Har-har-har ! The magical birdie of that flame girlie is givin' me darn creeps. Better not let 'im near my darn new plate -_- !
12 Sharp Dressed Men (Part 2), The Ravenica Job. 09/17/2013 +7000 ??? Hailed my dwarven arse way to the west to get a job. Darn badgers, growing to bear-size on me like that !
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