Brothian Orb


The Brothian Orb sat in a secret room in The Crew's Keep for many years. A relic of the phylactery war, it served as Ra-men's focus for summoning undead into the city quickly.


The Crew's keep


The good guys blew it up with goodness at the bidding of Balistray. Pelor apparently told her the location of the cursed orb. However now the College may have found a way to recover it, regardless…

Apparently possessed by the Masked One at the moment.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Good Guys 6 03-26-2012 Was found in a secret room in the Crew's Keep, and destroyed by the party
2 Assault on Lion's Pride Keep 04-04-2012 The newly formed amalgam, Night Terror, is sent back in time through a portal to the Hive to find and retrieve this, and the Soul Blade
3 Continuum Unveils (Part 1) 06-19-2012 Much to the party's surprise… it was in found to be in the Masked One's possession…who treated it as …resilient crystalline ball.
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