Brotherhood Of The Cowl


A brotherhood of Wizards, Psions, and Cerebremancers dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and the acquisition of magical and psionic power.


The brotherhood has a guildhall located within the Dragonport Arcane District.


Jenlar Temlin - Deceased
Ghautar Bloodwing
Zirgoyv aka 'the old man'
Masked Mage


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Secrets of Temlin's Crown 10-19-2011 Brotherhood of the Cowl Member, Jenlar Temlin hired adventurers to find the secret of The Rock and return the secret in full back. Followed the adventurers up to The Rock and fought them when they did not give up the Stone Crown. Reluctantly gave the promised 500 gp to the adventurers by threat of force and returned home.
2 Hector's Wedding 11-09-2011 Brotherhood of the Cowl member, Temlin, fell when he tried to ambush Bor Heavychain at Hector's Wedding. He brought with him traitors and armed mercenaries, who fell with him. His manor was taken over by those at the wedding the next day.
3 Fiendish Plots 02-07-2012 Allusion was invited into the organization by Ghautar Bloodwing.
4 Elementary Plots 05-18-2013 For one reason or another 'Masked Mage' had appeared there as one of the representatives present during the meeting. It remains unclear what is the exact nature of his connection to the organiation.
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