Brie Longfoot

Race: Halfling
Class: Rogue 1/Druid 2
Alignment: Neutral Good

Description: Homeless young Halfling girl who depends on her older brother Gin Longfoot for family, support, and education. She has a very sweet demeanor and even many hard-hearted rough folk have a hard time ignoring her. Has a pet owl, received as a gift from her brother. She has a job in the owlery and is apprenticed to Sally Worth.

Gin Longfoot - Brother


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Brain In A Jar! 11-10-2011 Requested help from Altharid and Baltasar Malich. Cured of curse by Glory Bookheart
2 Get Down Owl 11-10-2011 Sidhe Spellweaver and Baltasar Malich rescued her owl
3 Teatimer 11-15-2011 Sally Worth takes her on as an apprentice after seeing how well she takes care of owls.
4 E6 Dragonport: A Cool Drink of Water 11-21-2011 Attacked the party with her owl when they tried to return the water to swampside, had dammed the river to stop people from drinking man-tea.
5 Pseudo Good-Guys 04-07-2012 Met her brother Gin Longfoot for lunch
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