Brandorf, The Noble
Brandorf and his loyal mount, Fenrir

Race: Human
Class: Marshal
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Bravely struggled he had while leading a part of the relief force headed to the besieged castle Darntem. The fortress' defenses were turned against its denizens and quick warping was not an option due to the numerous wards placed in all but the most secret areas within. The southern citadel mages could help only so much with the transportation of his forces. Bore he had the lineage of the beast people and feared little, together with his pack clad in steel a force to be reckoned with he was…
But when a predator meets another one… the outcome is determined before the fangs are unleashed.
Especially when one thought to be brother strikes without warning.
Those fangs wound twicefold…
If only his weapon would not break… then the pack would not likewise fall… if only it would not break…

As the time progressed… Rick Dodger (the current host of the vestige that is Brandorf) realized that the myths related to the almost supernatural appeal of Brandorf's (as seen from the perspective of members of the opposite gender), and his piercing gaze, were … confirmed.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Doomcape exploration (part5) 02-15-2013 One of the 'doomed souls of the past'. Rick Dodger assumed this identity during the Darnten Siege.
2 Doomcape Exploration (Darnten Siege, part 1) 02/18/2013 The 'demise' of his was averted due to Rick's actions as Arnatis was persuade to not assist him for the time being.
3 Doomcape Exploration (epilogue) 03-24-2012 Though the fate of his was, in the end, not averted in the 'waking world' the party saw few visions of Arnatis visiting his grave and regretting the deed he has committed. A deed he thought would avert a terrible disaster which would be brought by Duke's forces after they - as it seemed - without doubt reach their homelands. The body of Brandorf's was buried in the catacombs beneath the Sacred Memorial from where Rick recovered Blazing Emblem. For one reason or another… Brandorf started 'haunting' Rick in a form reminiscent to that of a vestige.
4 Discontinuity 10/19/2013 Brandorf emerged briefly, during the conversation he had with Idrian.
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