Bookheart Clan
Alignment: LN

Description: The Bookheart Clan is the clan of Eugenics. They seek to breed the perfect being…a living god who is not dependent on worship of others. They believe that Melville Pewey was the closest any being has ever come to such a status.

any npc who breeds for traits.

Mali Ohba
Glory Bookheart

Radiance Bookheart

Dark Origins:
The founder of The Bookheart Clan was and still is Ra-men. Ra-men used the Hallows from his sealed tomb over many centuries to lure perfect specimens into the clan. He wishes to steal the power of the Dragon Heart via creation of a weak willed offspring of an Obha and a Bookheart. The problem is, the offspring has to be male. This is undetectable and unknown to anyone, including greater gods. The desire to produce this male offspring is written directly into the genes of a Bookheart and is very hard to deny(but not impossible).


# Adventure Date Actions
1 every time the NPC appears, they need to have it logged here
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