Black Marches


Once a cold, barely inhabited land, the Great War sent refugees of all races down into the Marches. The Black Marches are strange, harsh lands; untamed and dangerous. Nor is urban life safe, as many of the new citizens are desperate folk suspicious and fearful of their peers - life is cheap and death is cheaper (and cliches are free!).


The original name of the southern continent now known as the Black Marches has been lost to history or was never formalized as such. When the armies of Ra-men blackened the land with death and destruction for huge "march" lengths of time. Hence the land become known as the "Black Marches."

When a great war happend, this caused refugees from other lands to descend to the Black Marches in swaths. As such the land prospered and multiplied, growing greatly in population. As such, the name of the land is no longer technically correct but nevertheless still used.


The Serpent Mire

The Great Gnarl

The Red Desert

The Krayzen Outscapes

The Not So Wild West.

The Frozen North



An island to the Southwest of the Black Marches, filled with jungles, swamps, and a tribe of fierce green-skinned creatures.

Glitter Island

An island infested with fey, hags, and other such creatures

  • Gnome Home Home to a newly emigrated population of gnomes with a smattering of other races.

Emerald Isle

A small island inhabited by elves and ogres, ruled by a tyrannical Green Dragon.

Isle of Dread

An Island to the southeast known for its ancient ruins and undead infestation.

Unmarked Island

Another relatively small, uninhabited island

Obscured Isle

A medium-sized island … well hidden due to dense fog which always covers it.

Io's Blood Isles

The sacred home of the dragons.


The Sunless Citadel, a sunken fortress with untold riches, for those willing to scour its depths.

Bluutsvilarr's Lair, black dragon's lair.


Dryad Inn - A newly built inn near Dragonport.

The Kismet - Hovering just outside of Dragonport or Gnome Home


  • Amdrian A city that lies far to the northwest of Dragonsport. Contained within a large forest that seems to be rather a large tree line. Magic flushes in this land while most tech that would be considered advanced seems to not work properly.
  • Nexus Halfway across the world, the city of magical technology where goblins drive hover cabbies, and crime is rampant, its the main city where the gritty heroes hang out. Its located between a few kingdoms, one of them being Khierna Kingdom, and others to be added as PCs or GMs decide. Lightning Rail Hub 3 links this location to all locations with a lightning rail hub.
  • Mercon A city on the edge of the Red Desert. It is well known for its quite distinct if not quite exotic policies, be it religion-wise and… undead-tolerance wise. Recently the realm experiences a great boon with the discovery of potent magi-tech technologies.
  • Ssh'Rik, a city-state inhabited by lizardfolk of the desert variety. For many years the interactions with its inhabitants were rather ill-advised as the lizardfolk left mostly only to wage war or engage in slave raids. It changed after Sirion dethroned Sakatha and forged alliance with Ivar Heavychain, the new pharaoh of the Lost Asherati. Even with such occurring tis going to be a long way till the outside world recognizes the desert kingdom as 'safe' enough for larger-scale trade and similar.
  • Khierna Kingdom Very much far inland of Dragonport., with both weak leylines as well as draining psionically, this place is a land for many gritty heroes to make their way. It does connect to Dragonport by magical portal for adventurers to travel by, though not many choose to return to Khierna with its current strife. Various Houses rule the different segments of land under one puppet king. Its also located relatively close to the Nexus being one of its hub kingdoms.
  • DryDock Town by the outskirts of the desert a trading town and place were people gets ready to travel into the desert.
  • Windville Farming community with many windmills.
  • Haven Haven is a large fortified city-state far north of Dragonport. It acts as a central trading hub between north and south in the Black Marches Area. Recently it has been linked to the lightning rail on Lightning Rail Hub 2 allowing quick and easy travel to this location.
  • Masbath Trade City Deep In The Wilderness.
  • Duramere A small village and the surrounding regions just northeast of haven.


Dryad Inn - A newly built inn near Dragonport.

The Kismet - Hovering just outside of Dragonport or Gnome Home


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