Black Lions Secret Headquarters


Another 'base' (this one placed a bit under the… Underport) controlled by the Black Lions it is unclear whether it should be considered to serve as the main one or not.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Pharmakon (part 4) 10-26-2012 The party used an archaic steam-powered elevator within Dwarven Ruins beneath Underport in hope of reaching the surface… but instead the poor, poor fellows ended up there.
2 Unveiling the beyond (epilogue) 11-10-2012 Charlinia Coaldragon met Lumen at a one of the hidden entrances leading to the headquarters.
3 Foxy Prank (part2) 10/30/2013 Due to the prank set up way beneath, inside the Dwarven Ruins, Kimonto managed to funnel magical fumes inside the ventilation system of the base, turning temporarily all Black Lions inside into… black housecats.
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