Black Box Of Bindings

This minor aritfact, also known as the 'Blossoming Black Box of Bloody Bindings', is an item of rather… unusual kind.
The roots of its still remain a mystery: was it a blessing of Lolth or a creation of the very first Yochlol demon, the first handmaiden of Lolth who was a deviant (even for drow standards) of a rather sadistic disposition ? Perhaps both ?
The item in question allows each user to recover any sort manacle, binding implement or either a hooked… or chained weapon (with an affinity for the pain of its victims that is) from its extradimensional space with a triggering method better left unmentioned.

Current Owner
Charlinia Coaldragon


# Adventure Date Events
1 Desirable solutions 12-02-2012 Ambrosia presented the item as a 'gift' for her sister, Aegis though it was Charlinia Coaldragon who ended up as the item's owner.
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