About Me:

My RPG experience is not really that extensive - I started playing in 2004. Regretfully most of the games lasted 3-sessions max and none of the systems gave me enough character-creation freedom (be it Neuroshima, Warhammer, homebrew, etc). It somewhat changed in 2005 when I got to play DnD (3.0 in that case) for the first time. The group was hardly the best around (as I can now see from the current perspective) game-mechanics know-how, or sometimes RPG-etiquette-wise (Mary Sue galore or plain ineptitude, both IC and OOC) but those were our beginnings.
After the campaign collapsed (due to the DM who required full attendance for his games, which worked only for some time) I joined another group using the same system.
Surprisingly enough, one of the campaigns lasted up to ~ 14th lvl, but later the lack of quality-games became apparent to my now more-experienced-self.
Following the old saying 'if you want to do something right, then do it yourself' I sat in the DM-seat…and since that moment rarely left it.

GM Experience:

I've been DM-ing DnD 3.5 for over ~ 6 years now. I happen to prefer tier ~ 3 PCs, but should the party want to explore the realms of the 'ultimate power' (tier 1)… then go for it. My players (and their unpredictability) taught me to improvise quite well (I hope so at least), so do not expect to be railroaded from the beginning till the end, in fact I despise such 'form' of 'DM-ing'. If you want to do something during my games… then simply ask… as simple as that, pro-activeness - you will not be punished for it.

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