Belle Venture


Elegant Elven Wingship stationed in Dragonport. Has seen its fair share of danger but has always triumphed in the end.


Current Owners: Bor Heavychain Mali Ohba Farris Blackclaw Baltasar Malich Altharid

Former Captain: Malmir

**Ownership update: ** Reclaimed back by Malmir after most of the above become involved in other plots.


20 Strong Elven Sailors (Level 1 Swashbucklers)
2 Mates (Level 2 Swashbucklers)
1 Second (Level 3 Swashbuckler)


# Adventure Date Actions
1 To Teki-Nira-Ria 10-18-2011 Transported Party
2 Dealings with Green Dragons 11-16-2011 Transported the party to the Emerald Isle, was then stolen from Malmir by the party after he double crossed them
3 Dragon Slayers Anonymous 11-18-2011 Transported to the edge of the serpent mire and suffered a bomb attack
4 Into the Great Unknown Part I 12-21-2011 The party members used their elvish vessel to reach the Unmarked Island
5 Find the Crew 4-14-2011 revealed to be dry docked and hidden behind Emerald Village.
6 Liberation of Dragonport Part 1 07-04-2012 Survived the first part of the Crew's offensive directed at the Vorloi.
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