Bastion "Bastard" Thatcherson
Player: Maul
Race: Human
Class: Rogue 1
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Appearance: Tall and wiry. Long wild brown hair. He could probably pass as a vagabond if his clothing wasn't clean. He bares scars from many a street fight. A crooked nose from a few losses. To many this might cause him to look thuggish maybe even just a stupid street kid but his eyes betray the hidden cunning. Sharp, steel gray and cold.

Personality: Bast is not a good person nor is he a bad one. He is not above stealing from a rich merchant to feed his self but is just as likely to give his last copper away to a starving family. He hates seeing innocents harmed and knows the law will not always help those that need it.

Background: Bast grew up on the streets. He never knew his mother. She died in child birth but he was raised by her sisters in the brothel where she lived and worked. The Sisters taught him to read, write and other interesting skills. The sisters of the brothel kept Bast a secret for as long as they could but eventually the Master of the brothel found him and attempted to use him. Bast had other ideas and soon found his self in the streets. The streets beat new knowledge into him. Taught him when to run and when to fight. What streets were safe. Where to avoid after dark. He hardened his self both in heart and body. He knew from the start he would never be as strong as the big thugs common to the street world so he concentrated on his wit and speed. Eventually he earned his self a name on the streets. People started calling him the Bloody Bastard, not just for what he did to people but how he looked after most fights. He takes a certain amount of sadistic glee in hurting people that have hurt others, he thinks of it as karmic and justified. The guards can only ignore such things for so long. The more epithetic ones warned him and gave him time to flee the city before they came for him. So here he is wandering from town to town, port to port. Taking his vengeance upon the world that has wronged him. Helping the down trodden where he can.

Membership: None unless there is a thieves guild

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 2-10-2014 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 2-10-2014 0 -159.5 g Dagger X10 =20g, Leather Armor =10g, Boot blade X2=8g, Sleeve blade X2=8g, Backpack + Hidden Flap =3g, Messenger Bag + Hidden Flap =3g, Blanket, winter =5 sp, Crowbar =2 gp, Flint and steel =1 gp, Mirror, small steel =10 gp, Oil (1-pint flask)X2 =2 sp, Pouch, belt (empty)X4 =4 gp, Rope, hempen (50 ft.) =1 gp, Waterskin =1 gp, Whetstone =2 cp, Thieves’ tools =30 gp, Alchemist’s Tools =55g, Drow Poison (1 Vial)= 25g
3 Underdeath (Part 1) 2-13-2014 +975 -+150 2 Axes (possibly masterwork), Crossbow (2 Glass Bolts, 8 Bolts), Pad lock and Chain 3 daggers Got stuck on lvl 13 of undercity, Every one else faught a bunch of zombies whilst I tried to unlock doors. Killed a few more zombies. Ran though a hall of steam. Lead most of the zombies into the steam so it killed them. Found a safe room.
4 [Underdeath (Part 2)] 2-25-2014 +445 +60 Throwing Axe, Troll Styptic X1, A few crystal orbs One crystal orb Fought a few zombies. Fought a few Looters. More Zombies. Found some parts for a Cannon or something.
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