The shop owner, a blue goblin, would be working the counter, seemingly used to the unnatural cold that was used to keep the ice cream from melting. Still, unable to speak common, the series of pictures as well as price would have to be their guide, unless they wanted to sample. Those wanting to step behind the counter must either have an endure elements spell, or risk frostbite.

The shop itself is a nice one, has a bit of indoor seating, as well as connecting to other parts of the shopping area, as well as some seats in the outdoor area on the edge of the city. Able to get sunlight, as well as see the blue clouds, the location itself is very popular due to its nice scenery. Finally, the iron wrought furniture was provided by the Antique shop of the trio of supers, so the owner seems to know the twins and Trent pretty well.

The shop has a facility for ice cream storage located near the antique shop.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Robot Rampage 1 4-3-2012 Dr Trope attempted to attack the storage facility but was thwarted by super heroes.
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