Race: Lich Azurin
Class: Sorceror 4 / Dread Witch 5 / Nightmare Spinner 5 / Mindbender 1
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Description: Ancient lich and member of the Council of Liches. Was ultimately defeated and captured by Ra-men during his coup of the organization. Was imprisoned in the Garden of Eternity due to Ra-men's distrust. Freed by Syrius and destroyed by Kamigawa at the spot. But because she is a lich she will be back.

Known to be vain about her looks. Apparently, a large supply of negative energy is required to maintain them which the Garden of Eternity provided for a long time.


Council of Liches - Former Member (Organization Defunct)


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Dreaded Isle 7/18/12 Freed by Syrius and the party… as the lich in question was apparently sealed away by Ra-men ages ago. According to her the 'champions' would need to unleash great evil in order to defeat the favored servant of Nerull. The ghosts of heroes from days long gone proved to be another phylactery of his and it appears that they've become such due to the devious trap laid by those who undone seals from the Garden of Eternity last time.
2 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 11 08-15-2012 As much as the confrontation with her, another obstacle on the party's way to Ra-Men, seemed inevitable… the party managed to parley their way through the lich's chamber after an agreement was formed.
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