Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Barbarica is a sentient axe of great power and equally great bloodlust circulating throughout its twisted consciousness. According to the legends the armament could only be handled by those who truly desire to leave all in their wake drenched in crimson and broken.

Previous Owners:
Arthur Uhsbane

Current Owner
Mathias Blizzaia


# Adventure Date Events
1 Excavation (part2) 12-07-2012 Employed by Mathias Blizzaia along with Pandemonium Edge against Ergothian guards onboard the Progenitor.
2 Rokugan Civil War (preparations, part1) 12-29-2012 The name of the dreadful armament was mentioned while at the same time Charlinia realizes that the weapon was undergoing a 'redemption' rite in order to be turned into a tool for the cause of good.
3 Doomcape Exploration (Darntem Siege, part 4) 02/23/2013 To the party's horror… the weapon was actually in possession of the dreadful Arthur Uhsbane, one of the field marshals of the Duke of Death.
4 Doomcape Exploration (Darntem Siege, part 5) 03-02-2013 Employed again by Arthur Uhsbane in his, ultimately, unsuccessful try at slaying the party. Few heroes (almost) found their demise due to the armament's dreadful power.
5 Collaboration. 09/21/2013 Mentioned briefly in the conversation Rick had with Garvik Stonebound.
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