Race: Human (Saint)
Class: Cloistered Cleric 5
Alignment: LG

Description: Balistray is the Captain of the Swampside Guard. She lives at the Guard Barracks. Pelor counts her as one of his favored.

Dragonport City Guard


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Kobold Revenge 03-14-2012 Appeared a while after the party engaged in a conversation with some less-than-effective guardsmen. The adventurers soon realized that even the bright side of Dragonport is both misguided and deceived by Nerull's and his agents activities, especially the ones involving branding those who oppose the living dead as terrorists and criminals.
2 Dragonport Intro 03-17-2012 Shown up after the party subdued a bugbear (a Khrall's syndicate member) and questioned the 'heroes'. Agreed to become a model for Edark's next sculpture.
3 Good Guys 5 03-19-2012 The party informed Balistray about a list of "College targets" they got from a ton of orcs. Balistray confiscated the list and said they would expedition to Pelor and ask him. She agreed to model for Edark.
4 Good Guys 6 03-26-2012 Led the party to the Crew's Keep, got teleported back to Swampside via trap… fought the undead, returned to the keep after the party destroyed the necromantic orb of doom.
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