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Player: Duralan
Race: PF tiefling (young, magic-blooded, Half-Celestial, Dream Eater)
Class: Conjuer (combat wizard, abrupt jaunt) 1/Psion (Egoist, Minor Shapechange ACF, Dual Disciple -Telepathy and Psychometabolism ) 3/Cerebremancer 3
Alignment: Neutral (leaning a bit to chaos and good)

Appearance: In her true form Azusa sports a slender, rather delicate feminine figure though similarities to the generic Black Marches population standards end here. The girl is a kitsune first and foremost which manifests in the form of fox-alike ears and tail, both of azure-gray-alike hue though no mere fox she is at the same time. Due to Azusa's heritage the body of hers exhibits visible traces reminiscent of more fiendish vulpine shapechangers (aka nogistune) seamlessly amalgamated together along more celestial tones with the angelic wings being the most prominent out of those. The other features of Azusa's are androgynous though it is most likely bound to change on her way to adulthood.

Personality: The matter of the kitsune's personality is a bit complicated due to the very nature of her being. Conflicted it is and as a result to avert being constantly torn between two-opposing, self-contradicting pulls either toward vileness or holyness she developed an approach that left her ego very distant, almost completely detaching herself from the world, emotionally at least.
But such a method would not be all that healthy either. Instinctively she developed many split personalities, each portraying to certain extent what she severed from her true personality. For the outsiders it may appear like a sort of childish make-believe or 'I am you' kind of game which is a form of entertainment for many shapechangers but here it allows Azusa to live her life, or many lives, as opposed to no life at all.
If there's something which Azusa fears then it would be being classified easily, as for her it would mean the same thing as being 'bound' to a path which might as well not be worth of following.

Background: Azusa was born to Yume roughly 15 years ago (though kitsune realm or Nightmare's Domain is known to be quite whimsy as far as the rate of time flow is concerned) and since the early days of her life exhibited quite a cunning though it was not guided so much towards plain mischief as it is the case for many kitsune. The young fox-girl sought to create her own personal dream-scape alike plane where she could by herself shape the surroundings to suit her fancy. She learned a bit of both arcane and Ki-manipulation while at the same time delving into various scrolls and scriptures held in the imperial palace… and then it dawned on her how much such great endeavor would cost. Being both afraid of the fact that her lifetime would not be enough she turned to whom she thought to be the most trustworthy, her divine mother Yume, but after hearing her proposal of funding rejected…
She threw a fit and left for the material plane vowing to herself to craft herself a world, a theater eclipsing in all that her progenitors have ever crafted.

NPC appearances:

# Adventure Date Actions
1 Dust to dust... 04/01/2013 Was first seen in a disguise of a street-performer (flute player) boy. Then informed the Yagiuma and Miyu of her findings, assisting in the exploration of the half-collapsed ruins hidden behind one 'abandoned' tunnel of the Undercity.
2 Corruptive Alteration~ 04/07/2013 Met Yagiuma onboard Dark Remnant II though it seems that the fox travelled in a 'stow-away' manner. Requested being housed by her sister and the request was accepted.

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 03-25-2013 1300 3k Lvl 2 via wiki-XP transfer
2 Character Creation (buying) 03-25-2013 -100 - Masterwork Tool of perform (Act), Masterwork Tool of Concentration
3 DM-coin use 03-25-2013 - - - 12 coins spent for four feats: psionic body, toughness of the mind, on fire (DSP), psicrystal affinity
4 New Arrivals 09-21-2013 800 +1200gp Entry Ticket to the Sanelet Gallery Almost a bit of dignity So there's that birdie, (Seren's familiar) tweeting about his lost palette. Seemed like an easy job. We found the gnome thief drunk among the other (those pervs !) gnomes. With little afterthought Azusa decided to distract them by shapeshifting into some fine female gnomish form ! Distraction proved successful. Gropes (if not more) were avoided and the gnomes put into even more of a drunken stupor. The rest of the party knocks out the rest. The palette itself was found inside the… pants of the culprit.
5 Downtine (buying) 9-30-2013 -500 - Shapechanger's clothes Bought
6 Temple of Events 9-30-2013 1500 +2500gp - Completed a purification-quest at the behest of mother's, Azusa exclaims with a vestige of pride in her voice. Azusa finds it hard to believe that a fellow kitsune was responsible for such travesty. Azusa thinks it to be extremely repulsive..
7 Downtine (buying) 10-06-2013 -4000 Headband of Intelect +2 Bought
8 Kobold Dungeon: Attempt 2 10-06-2013 7000 ??? —- Bugs, hellhounds and more of those BUGS ! From the outer planes ! ~_~. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP !
9 "Rescue"? 10-20-2013 2300 +250 3x Scrolls of Magic Circle vs Evil Is it me or that nogitsune jinxed me -_- ? Time for persona shift ^^. Also - those wizards were totally asking for it !
10 Downtime: buying 11-04-2013 -5000 Headband of Intellect +3 Headband of Intellect +2 Upgraded the headband
11 Reporting Back 11-05-2013 +200 Went back and told mom all of it. Someone's so getting burninated - Azusa vows.
12 "Some just want..." 11-05-2013 6000 +5500 NYIX - you wretched scum of a nogitsune ! I'll be sure to have each and every corrupted flame of yours EXTINGUISHED and your sorry shell entrapped in an eternal cycle of egg-recyclement ! Vile lunatic - HOLY FOX-FIRE SHALL CLEANSE YOUR SPARK - or so Azusa says with a barely hidden righteous anger coursing through the entirety of her being.
13 Retraining (???) -50gp Retraining Precocious apprentice into darkstalker.
14 A race of the mind(both parts) 11-14-2013/11-18-2013 6550 7,5k gp +11,045 split *_* BURNED DOWN… NYIX's… double. One day ! One day ! *Got so angry that went all fox-fire happy after sorting out the living dead and the villainess' double to the point where she didn't care about hiding her true form*. (gained +1 inherent int and +1ML bonus on fire-element powers from Yume/Mom as a reward).
15 Downtime (buying) 11-19-2013 -13100gp Buying Blessed spellbook and paying for 2 spell scribings into spellbook form before.
16 Graveyard Pelori... purification 11/27/2013 2625 ??? Ring of Protection +2 Burninated Gloria and Lill again, how much more persistent those two will get ? Finally, tricks taught by Ammy paid off ! *Azusa smirks with delight*. That cleric gal could be of more help. Why our allies tend to … be turned into dust like that ? *Flops*
17 Downtime (buying) 12-09-2013 -13100gp Buying Blessed spellbook and paying for 2 spell scribing into spellbook from before.
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