Azure Savant/Tahl-rethe

Race: Human (?)
Class: master abjuer (???)
Alignment: ???
Deity: ???

Description: An enigma of the organization. In spite of appearing in early teens (at the very best) that otherwise rather androgynous human being seems to be in possession of high arcana-level knowledge when it comes to abjuration, conjuration and various unusual magical phenomena.

Azure Guard - leader


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Jelloish Premonition 01/31/2013 Tithus led Kimonto to the leader who in the long run agreed to help Kimonto… on one condition that is… she had to swear to him (?) that she would not tell anyone about the project he undertook, the one related to the living spells which Kimonto was still mixing with jello.
2 Doomcape exploration (discere arcanum) 02-12-2013 Kimonto stumbled upon the fellow after unintentionally dropping down few levels down Old Castle Darnten's dungeon. The Savant was apparently busy with some sort of research but the novelty of the kitsugate's 'intrusion' made him reconsider his schedule. Got into argument with Rick Dodger albeit later a 'ceasefire' of sorts was achieved.
3 Doomcape Exploration (Darntem siege, part6) 03/09/2013 The party found the 'Darnten Siege' equivalent of Azure Savant on the lowest level of the arcane laboratories beneath the castle Darnten. Only Rick and Kimonto recognized the being due to its rather altered appearance (that being of a being of pure light with glowing azure eyes, hair of similar hue which was connected into a convoluted web with the nearby arcane machines operating around what appeared to be a great mythalar of sorts). The savant was capable of perceiving the team members the way they really were (and recognizing their alter-egos, like Brandorf, the Noble, Sefi, the Sky Hussar and similar) while also being aware of the fact of the limited time the heroes could spare in that strange 'time frame' (???). Warned the heroes of the danger of staying in the realm past the time limit and offered the possibility of 'extending' it in exchange for finding a collar which was supposedly worn by the 'most powerful' beast employed by the giants of the age.
4 Doomcape Exploration (Darnten Siege, final ?) 03/23/2013 The 'Darnten Siege' equivalent of the savant chatted briefly with and empowered the party, encasing it in a protective barrier before the leyline defense begun.
5 Magic in my belly~ 03/26/2013 Chatted with Kimonto both before and afterwards her visit at the Salamander Palace. Allowed her to 'drive' Azure Fortress which almost ended up in a disaster. Later consulted some future business/research endeavors with Rick. Was rater surprised and terrified of few random happenings related to Kim - emergence of Azure Replica being one of them. Turned out to be quiet helpful this time he however danced around many subjects but overall was rather cooperative in unraveling a few mysteries.
6 A consultation... or two 03/26/2013 Had a longer chat with Raital at the Cavern of Change southward from Old Castle Darnten. His true, otherworldly, form was revealed there…
7 Elementary Plots 05-18-2013 Took part in the gathering (while disguised) supposedly as a representative of the Brotherhood of the Cowl. Apparently had a personal grudge against Orcus.
8 Foxy ingredient 07-22-2013 Used Kimonto as a "lens" in the ominous experiment that took place deep beneath Old Castle Darnten.
9 Kimonto^7 08-11-2013 Ended materializing inside Kimonto's Summer House in spite of trying to warp into The Ergothian Empire. Fainted soon therafter due to the appearance of numerous Kimontos.
10 1919th-ed 02-08-2014 Summoned Rick, Kimonto and their associates to discuss matters related to the ominous abyssal layer that is, the layer 1919.
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