Azure Fortress


A great floating isle with a fortress of rarely found aesthetic magnificence seamlessly embedded into it. In that regard the place bears slight resemblance to a similar location, that being the Floating Library but otherwise the similarities end there.
The installation in question is purely military in nature housing pretty much all members of the elite Avalonian arcane 'police' also known as Azure Guard. For many the location is a thing urban legends seeing that the floating isle *very* rarely shows up on the sky due to both powerful wards and… the altitude preference of its overseer.


Azure Savant - Fortress's overseer


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Jelloish Premonition 01/31/2013 Tithus lead Kimonto there so that she could meet Azure Savant.
2 Doomcape Exploration (epilogue) 03-24-2012 In the vision of the actual happenings from the Bloodstained Age, as opposed to the events from the dreamscape, Castle Darnten was not possible to 'launch back' into the skies save for one, rather unsignificant part of its which later became what is currently known as the Azure Fortress.
3 Magic in my belly~ 03/26/2013 Kimonto got to 'drive' the isle… once. Rick and Kimonto have a meeting with the Azure Savant as well as lunch were a string of amusing happenings take place. One of which leaves the entire room on their backs and in a mess besides Kimonto.
4 Foxy ingredient 07-22-2013 Used to reach Old Castle Darnten.
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