A small fishing village 70 miles East of Dragonport, the Village of Azchir is pretty insignificant, bar a
huge harbour.

The town is only around 10 years old, and must have been built by a wealthy landlord as the Buildings and streets
are in top condition. The traders around here only buy and sell in bulk, usually to the Merchant Ships that pass
through. A Tavern my the name of 'The White Seers Inn' is the only overnight accomodation in the town. The Harbour
is host to many merchant ships and the occaisonal Patrol ship of the Dragonport Navy.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Nature of my Game.(Part 1) 1-3-13 Was Harboring the Fleet of The Fighting 54th
2 The Nature of my Game.(Part 2) 8-3-13 The Fighting 54th left the village in the morning
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