Race: Vampire (Tiefling, Half-Fiend)
Class: Marshall 8
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Description: Azath would count among those very rare few vampires of fiendish heritage resenting the state of existence that is unlife and constant drive for consumption of life force. Perhaps due to such paired with his way of words made him an all time favorite prisoner of the Latral Clan - everyone appreciates a bit of irony, a jester of sorts within their court, someone not to be treated seriously. It is unclear how exactly Azath came into being, nor when and where he became the 'property' of the Latral clan albeit he would not count among the 'trueborn' of Niflheim per se for his vampirisation was not inborn so to say - more of a result of a lost Blood War sortie.

Latral Clan, 'Prisoner'


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Niflheim Plots (part3) 09/19/2013 Azath was chosen as one of the two servants granted to Raital by Midna Latral. As expected Raital found the mere notion of there existing a vampire who hated being pretty much addicted to blood consumption to be partway amusing (because of the suffering it brought to the dispassionate man that Azath was) as well as alien, ridiculous. But wouldn't that be all that fitting for the court's 'jester' ? Raital, likewise, found herself being a 'victim' of the enchantment the previous Latrals put on him for, apparently, he was to literally obey every whim of the trueborn of that bloodline in particular.
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