Player: Nalei
Race: Shaitan
Class: Shatain 7
Alignment: CN

Appearance: A large woman that almost appears to be made out of stone/gems.

Personality: Some what bubbly and loves new expariances, however will lie and cheat to get what she wants.

Background: Coming from a more colorful background of gypises, where she learned how to make her potions from was more of an art of how to express yourself rather then what goes into what.

Membership: none

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation note the date the character was made 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 0 -140 Chain Shirt, light crossbow, 50 bolts.
3 Haven Plots: The Ruins of Kraniskron 4/25/12 12000 12000 -12000, Headband of Cha +2, ring of force sheild Got to watch people chop up mummys after she quickly ran out of bombs to throw.
4 Destroy Base D! 4/25/12 3300 5000 - Went and blew up a tower and melted some faces off!
5 Magitech Tester 1 4/25/12 1125 1027 -- Thew some bombs at some holograms!
6 Hunting for the Holy flower 5/7/12 1800 4000 bag of holding type 1 -- Fooled some bandits, and found some flowers. Then made a holy poison out of them for a price.
7 Cleaning the streets 5/7/12 2100 1000 Gloves of dex +2 —- Killed some bandits.
8 Runaway Lightning Coach! 3 5/7/12 2900 3000 bought a scimtar -25 gold sell's gloves of dex +1000, sells head band of cha +1000 -14000 gold buy ritual to be changed into a Shaitan Killed some bots threw some big bombs
9 Retired into Shinetuso
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