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Player: Duralan
Race: Half-Celestial Dream kitsune (fox hengoyokai)
Class: Witch (white-haired archetype) 1/Psion (Egoist, Minor Shapechange ACF) 3/Cerebremancer 4 (PF)
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Appearance: With Nightmare being Ayano's creator (or to be precise her own take on beauty aesthetics in general) tis not truly surprising that the very first 'kitsune-angel's' form is truly enchanting in proportion and glamor to the finest detail. The hue of her hair/fur/feathers is mostly composed of different variations of purple and pink; the eyes, however are hued in a surprisingly gentle-looking (and contrasting to boot) vermilion. Even when employing various disguises the angelic guardian of Kimonto's prefers to leave, perhaps emulating a bit of her progenitor's mischievousness, hints here and there of her kitsune heritage. Ayano's alternate forms are rarely that outstanding, mostly due to the mission that was bestowed upon her.

Personality: At the first glance, assuming that one would learn of her true nature, Ayano may appear a bit too timid and perhaps overshadowed by her protegee but… -in emulation of her creator perhaps- her personality is actually… truly bipolar. Certain events may turn the composed and compassionate Ayano into a fiery-terror incarnate but such disposition is almost solely reserved for those whose essence is that of inherent evil (evil outsiders and similar) or anyone else daring to raise their hands against the one left under her care.

Background: The very first 'angel' created by Nightmare. This one in particular was tasked mostly with the protection of her quite… ditzy daughter.

NPC Appearances:

# Adventure Date Actions
1 Doomcape Exploration - a mishap... or two 02/16/2013 Was not truly in favor of having Yomino become her mistress's shikigami.
2 Foxy ingredient 07/22/2013 Voiced her concern for her Mistress, finding Azure Savant … not particularly trustworthy.
3 The shadows burn … They slitter though the gaps 08/02/2013 Got quite fed up with 'Yomino's antics. Later merged into Kimonto's tattoo along with the other shikigami, allowing the 'Swirling Shadows' to awaken once more.

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 11-14-2012 [TBA] [TBA] via wiki-XP transfer
2 Character Creation (buying) 11-14-2012 [TBA] [TBA] —-
3 Scaly temple~ 04/02/2013 6100 XP none-claimed Assisted certain newly formed kitsune in purging an old Rokuganian temple from monsters.
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