Avalon is both a City and a Country,It started off as a small out post growing around a small paladin school but the land was rich and safety from the paladins attracted a great number of people. In time it grew to be one of the worlds largest cites and thus declared its independence as a country. It is a beautiful place built around rising plains and over looking multiple rivers.


The Holy Order headquarters(to be added)
Legacy Library
Grand central market (to be added)
Merchants guild quarters (to be added)

Doomcape (the city's port)


Merchants Guild(to be added)
The Shadow Hand
The Holy Order
Legacy Librarians
Azure Guard


Ariana Vanya
Goban Galeno
Arthur Wisemail
President of the people
Bob the Merchant


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Lich City 05-06-2012 The party tried find evidence of Xander being evil
2 Hunting for Holy Flowers 05-07-2012 The party to made a poison that could hurt a lich
3 Cleaning the streets 05-07-2012 The party to cleared out a local group of bandits
4 Flower Hunt, with a touch of idiocy 05-11-2012 The party barters with a merchant, put down a few monsters and finds many white and unknown(to them) flowers
5 The New Wave 09-13-2012 A party of adventurers was assembled in Doomcape and embarked for their cruise towards Dragonport shortly thereafter.
6 Cursed... blessings (???) 10-04-2012 Siren was recovered from an underground chamber placed beneath one Avalonian temple.
7 Excavation (part2) 12-07-2012 The party noticed that the Progenitor housed a guard force mostly hailing from Avalon.
8 Rokugan Civil War (preparations, part1) 12-29-2012 Charlinia warped there and explored the location under disguise to find and enlist Lumen for the conflict in Rokugan.
9 Retributive Past 01-22-2013 Mentioned many times. Gonvirn's wife was apparently residing there and as such that was the main reason of his for not going there (though Doomcape was a fair game).
10 Doomcape exploration (part2) 02-07-2013 Seren Coltrane] was invited by Kriegov Streingauss for a rather exclusive sort of lecture taking place in Avalon in week time.
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