Player: Amalkamis (DatXavis)
Race: Giant Half-Saurian Half-Dragon (Pyroclastic)
Class: Armiger 3
Alignment: Lawful/Neutral

Appearance: Auron stands roughly 12 feet 11 inches tall at 2850 pounds. His skin has a very strange pigment to it, as it appears to be an earthy olive tone, with a tough scaly feel which are warmer than usual to the touch. The lines of his muscles are drawn with a strange dark reddish birthmark that trails all over his body. His jaw structure is more triangular, due to his father's draconic heritage. The overbite synonymous with ogres a bit straighter with more pointed teeth. His wings resemble cooled rocks with small manga veins, the wings matching his skin tone and reddish outlining. This large magnificent man carries a broadsword in his left hand, a tower shield in his right, and dulled half-plate upon his body. A large rucksack sits upon his armored back which carries all his necessities for traveling.

Personality: Auron tends to be abrasive towards people, after all most people don't really look in a half-ogre's direction, let alone one that's looks like the son of some sort of dragon. If you can get past his scaly hide and brimestone hinted breath, he tends to act very big brotherly, always willing to protect those who care for him no matter their walk of life.

Background: Son of the Half-Ogre woman, Delilah and Pyroclastic Dragon Valriqu, Auron knew only a life of solitude. His mother died at child birth, and the evil lava dragon wished nothing to do with his offspring. The child was raised by an orphanage until the age of 15. Auron would regularly keep his features hidden away from normal society as he was the product of three feared species (Ogres, Humans and the mysterious Lava dragon). While on errand, Auron came across a group of men bullying a shopkeeper for protection money from a local gang. As the authorities had all but turned a blind eye, Auron had seen this from time to time and never gave it any real desire to help them, but this time…oh this time was different. This was Mr. Riley, the glassblower. One of the few adults, let alone people in town that actually talked to Auron. Maybe it was because he could keep Mr. Riley's furnace hot in exchange for small trinkets, maybe it was because he was a lonely old man who had no family of his own. Still…Auron didn't stand for it and interposed himself amongst the men. Auron dispatched the thugs will little effort, but of course the law had to be maintained. Auron found himself in a cell awaiting his punishment for murder. A human with pointed features walked in with the constable and desired his release. "You saved one of our clientele from the local riff raff. I wanted to thank you personally Auron, give you a job, perhaps some work. Come down to the Tiger's Paw when you have a chance." Auron was a free man, but more importantly, he was now known for more than being a monstrosity amongst normality. Auron that day and for the next couple years worked with the organized crime family in town. He never had to shake people down for money, or extort officials. His primary job was to make sure the family stayed alive and healthy. Some adventurers came to town one day, looking to provide help and aid to the village. Their target was his new found family. A battle broke out in the Tiger's Paw, leaving the band of adventurers wounded and fleeing for their lives, but Auron had failed in his mission. The very person that hired him, died in battle beside him. Auron realized that there was honor to be upheld. The family gave him a suit of half-plate armor, a tower shield and a broadsword along with coin purse with assorted coin to help him start his journey.

Membership: N/A

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 08/19/2013 0 900 (Rich Parents Trait) Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 0 -600 Banded Plate Armor (Large), Broadsword (Large)(3rd Party Pathfinder Weapon), Tower Shield
3 Inbetween: Part 5 08-26-13 1650 After thwarting Daezerok the Fool's attempts at killing everyone, we're attacked by monstrous centipedes and beetles
4 Inbetween: Part 6 09-09-13 1550 Once exiting the building, Auron manages to help keep his party alive by dispersing a Huge mob of infected townspeople. The flavor of evil isn't very tasteful
5 See Notes 09/14/13 Level-up 1 -> 2 (Armiger 2)
6 Inbetween: Part 7 09/14/13 3175 After transporting Govirn to his mysterious submarine, Auron began a bombing run, flattening an orc dig site. With the distraction complete, he joined the rest of the party only to become a nigh-immortal shield as he was brought in and out of consciousness between the Cleric's spear and Regie's healing abilities.
7 See Notes 09/18/13 Level-up 2 -> 3 (Armiger 3)
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