Atre Cut-Tah

Race: Changeling (???)
Class: Wizard 5/Mage of the Arcane Order 5
Alignment: Neutral

Description: The "result" of of Karen's and Enigma's relationship. Not much else was determined about the shapechanger as of now.

Karen/Amaterasu, mother
Enigma, father
Riku, sibling


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Coiled Surprise 06-28-2012 Apparently Aika caught 'his' eye while he's been visiting the city of doors and… from that sent continuous waves of messaging spells till the disguised Nagate finally responded. The manipulative nagate quickly managed to leave the poor adorator in a truly dazed state… leaving Nightmare and Amaterasu with the problem. The latter initially mixed him with Enigma whom he despises even now but in the end got reunited with her child.
2 Foxy Gambit 07-05-2012 Appeared briefly, taking a nap in the 'fox-form' on near the temple in Nightmare's domain.
3 Foxypotheosis (part 3&4) 09/04/2012 Appeared in a dream of Nightmares.
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