An obviously magic-infused amusement park started by Gatog in his private demi-plane.

Currently, it has the following major attractions:

1. The Nexus of Souls: (formerly known as "Dungeonvania") a non-lethal version of the 'classic dungeon crawl'. Each team who manages to defeat the 'final boss' is ranked appropriately. The 'high scores' are displayed on the illusionary 'hall-of-fame' in front of the 'dungeon complex'. That attraction is open almost to all ages, even children can get to feel like the legendary heroes who faced, and in the end, defeated the vile lich Ra-Men
2. The Queen of Fighters: A competition in which the one who loses its composure, patience loses. Sarcasm, irony and other kinds of verbal "offenses" are the weapons, timely wordly ripostes - counterattacks.
3. Casino: Even to this day the "Joe vs Fluffy" betting game (featuring an ill-trained commoner facing a cat *familiar* in "mortal combat") remains the crowd's favorite.
4. Iron Guts: For those who feel confident in their drinking 'skills'.
5. Oger Cars:
6. Gatogmeddon 2:
7. Circus: Kind of self-explanatory
8. Gomino Day: A bizarre competition where acrobatic skills appear to be the most important.
9. Meeting with the author:
10. Illusionary 'projections': A fantasy equivalent of movie theater featuring such famed titles as "Candy Wars: Icing Menace" by Mali Ohba, "the Battle-bard's Tale" and many more
11. Construct card game:
12. Caffeteria:
13. G-infinitum-X:
14. Fortune-telling:
15. Take a guess:

Minor Attractions:

A) Smack-a-Gato !
B) Shoot-a-Gato !
C) Ratlink

Side Note: The location was known before as "Atogpark" but following Ra-Men's defeat and the merging of Gato and Atog some staff shuffling was in order.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Atogpark 4-03-2012 Atog invited some PCs to test the place.
2 TIME-SKIP TIME-SKIP The location was greatly improved both in the quality and sheer number of attractions provided owing to the fact that Gatog finally got more time now that Ra-Men and the College of Necromancy was no more.
3 The "Nexus of Souls" (part 1) 09-09-2012 The party chose to visit the park's main attraction - aka "The nexus of souls" where they ultimately sought to defeat the nefarious "Ra-Men".
4 The "Nexus of Souls" (part 2) 09-11-2012 The party managed to quickly dispose of all the adversaries in their path "Ra-Men" included. This way they gained local fame… quite literally… via entering the hall-of fame and earning the recognition of the park's flamboyant owner.
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