Fierya, the Ascended Phoenix

Race: Advanced Spiritfolk, DR 0 (currently lent to someone)
Class: Wizard 5/Warblade 1/Jade Phoenix Mage 10/Abjurant Champion 5/Archmage 2 *not in this order
Alignment: Neutral

Described as a womanizer by other close contacts, however, his most recent reincarnation has left him in fact in the body of a woman … which led him to struggling slightly to cope with the differences. Both messy and rather submissive in this unfamiliar body she still holds dear contacts and friends as well as agreeances to many people. With wild waist-long red hair, and a curvy feminine body this phoenix still preforms her duties as active as ever.

The 13 Phoenixes
Phoenix Clan


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Eight-and-half-a-tails (part1) 07-14-2012 Was visited by Nightmare and asked her to try to help, or deal with Ying. Also lent Nightmare, her divine rank to help with this… after being semi-threatened with the attention of Miyuki, the Snowflake Oracle and 'the cursed flame'.
2 Eight-and-half-a-tails (part2) 07-15-2012 After realizing that Ying was not the nogitsune they were looking for the party visited the ascended phoenix… quite surprised to see them THAT angry. It was revealed that both the ascended one and Gato were buddies in previous reincarnations, each of them owing each demise…thanks to a bit of absent-mindness… on their part. In the ascended one's case those were always women… as for 'his' relations with Xavash, to whom he simply referred as 'berseker'… they were never too good with the half-dragon seeing the ascended one as coward and…the latter seeing the former as reckless fool (who apparently died 2 more times than him already).
4 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 1 08-04-2012 Arrived together with the 13 Phoenixes to Io's Blood Isles, bolstering the dragonic defenses.
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