Arqell Valsanthas

Race: Elf
Class: Noble
Alignment: Lawful Nuetral

Description: A powerful member of the [[[Guild of Golded Gambits]]. He is authoritarian in nature and very used to having his orders followed immediately.


His wife Lady Jinira Valsanthas and his daughter the Lady-in-Waiting Elria Valsanthas.

Guild of Golded Gambits


Other members of the Guild.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Haven Plots: Elria is Missing Part 1 08-25-2012 With his daughter missing he employs the resources of the Guild to find her.
2 Haven Plots: Elria is Missing Part 2 08-30-2012  Dire wolves roam the wilds around Haven.

| 3|| Haven Plots: Elria is Missing Part 4 || 19-09-2012 || Rewarded the adventurers ||

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