Ariana Vanya

Race: Elf
Class: Wizard 12
Alignment: Lawful Good

Description: A mid-aged elf, has been at the head of the Legacy Librarians for a few hundred years, both protecting it and using it to aid those in need of it's services. For many years she has been entrusted with the duty of overlooking her peers, making sure none abuse their privileges, power or knowledge.
She is thoroughly familiar in a wide number of subjects, languages and is gifted with very accurate memory. What she has not honed physically she more than makes up for with her skills in the arcane arts. And while she is not unmatched in power, she makes good use of the skills at her disposal to defend her charges, be it book or person.
She's on friendly terms with the Arthur Wisemail, as the two see eye to eye in many important matters. She is strict, honest, straightforward and at times can be a bit overbearing and controlling as well as a bit of a perfectionist, seeking to keep the Legacy Library completely clean and orderly, there are rumors that she's begun aiming on making cleaning spells permanent within the library itself.
When all is said and done she is not unfamiliar with what it means to be an 'adventurer' as she's seen her own fair share of action as well, though she's more than happy to leave such straining tasks to others who may perform them better. As with all elves she is beautiful, gifted with fine and delicate features, the standard seen long flowing hair, a pair of glasses and wears the robes of her 'Order'.

Legacy Librarians

Arthur Wisemail


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