Race: Human ?
Class: ???
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Description: Little is know about this particular criminal besides of the fact that he formed a splinter group, cutting his ties with the de'Carde Syndicate… which of course was not received in very welcoming manner… obviously.

Argus' Vipers, boss


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Black Mane 07-29-2012 Mentioned few times, Charlinia Coaldragon learned that the whole split occurred due to some unexpected circumstances… apparently Argus saw something as 'once-in-a-life' occasion.
2 Fox meets cat 03-02-2013 Mentioned once by one of his thugs operating in Doomcape. The other was not lucky enough to see the light of another day but … tis was rather unfortunate of them to run into Yagiuma.
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