Race: ???
Class: ???
Alignment: ???

Description: ???


# Adventure Date Actions
2 Doomcape Exploration (Darntem Siege, part 5) 03/02/2013 After the 'reality shift' the party found someone who resembled Khain in a dying state nearby within the sinking giant fortress' courtyard and helped him 'escape' (???) somewhere or… sometime from what appeared to be nightmarish future ??? Later (or possibly earlier time-line-wise) the party arrived to the fortress' dungeon, during the beginning of Castle Darnten's third day of siege. According to the overheard conversation between Idrian and Arthur Uhsbane the mage was to be rid off shortly after 'outliving' his usefulness. Such did not happen. The Blackguard was defeated, whereas Khain himself appeared before the party, confused greatly by both their presence and revelations of theirs. The magician joined the party 'again', swayed both by Kimonto's charm (in Sefi, the Sky Hussar's form) and… a bit of coercion from the rest.
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