Arctic Wind

The Arctic Wind maneuver discipline is a cold variation of the Desert Wind discipline.

The following maneuvers only change in flavor (no mechanical changes):
Blistering Flourish
Desert Tempest
Flashing Sun
Leaping Flame
Wind Stride
Zephyr Dance

The following maneuvers change sub-type and damage type to 'Cold' in addition to flavor:
Burning Blade
Burning Brand
Dragon's Flame
Fan the Flames
Fiery Assault
Fire Riposte
Hatchling's Flame
Holocaust Cloak
Inferno Blade
Inferno Blast
Lingering Inferno
Searing Blade
Searing Charge
Wyrm's Flame
Ring of Fire
Death Mark
Rising Phoenix
Salamander Charge

The following maneuvers change things not mentioned above in addition to flavor:
Distracting Ember - Change elemental type to 'Ice Paraelemental' (size remains constant).
Flame's Blessing - Change sub-type and resistance type to 'Cold'. Lower Acrobatics rank requirement for resistance by 3 (to a minimum of 1).

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