Ar1 Mechfire Mk2

Item/Weapon: Mechfire

Weight: 20 lbs
Cost: 150 GP

When used, this weapon produces a line of fire 30 ft, incinerating everything in it's path.

This device functions like a flamethrower, is about the size of a chaingun, but is shaped like a big block with a lot of dials, guages, and switches on it. It is not an elegant weapon by any means, but it gets the job done.

Without exotic weapons proficiency (Magitech), a person cannot properly set the comblex knobs and switches that allow this device to function, and therefore cannot safely use it, and must make a UMD check DC 20, or else risk the canister exploding. If the canister explodes, the user takes 1d6 damage for each 'shot' left in it, and is lit on fire as per the rules for alchemist's fire. Any creature adjacent to such an explosion takes 1 point of splash damage for each 'shot'. Replacing the cannister in the case of an explosion is a full round action, even with Rapid reload feat.

Usage: Upon use, the mechfire deals 1d6 fire damage in a 30 ft line, with the chance of setting the enemy on fire for 1d3 rounds the Reflex DC for avoiding this is 10+the user's ranged attack bonus

Ammunition: The Mechfire can either be loaded with a flask of alchemist's fire (for one shot), or a special cylinder which costs 90 GP and holds 4 shots (weight 3 lbs). Either way, reloading the Mechfire is a full round action. Rapid Reload (Mechfire) can reduce this to a move action.

Construction Requirements:
Caster Level:5, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Scorching Ray, Blueprints (Mechfire)1;75 GP

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