Homebase for the superteam of The Cloak and The Sham Supers. This innocent looking antique shop is very cramped with lots of artifacts from the Cloak's travels. The twins, on their off time, keep the place clean and stocked neatly, but considering their lack of off time, it still manages to get a lot of clutter. Still, the front is nice for meeting clients as the vintage furniture, along with cute china sets, allow for nice interactions with any troubled people.

The twins live upstairs and sleep in a king sized bed together that barely fits inside the room. Most of their clothing and outfits are stored above or around the bed, as this room's closet was taken out to make room for it. At the foot of the bed, sits a trunk that they use to store precious memory items, as well as their costumes underneath it. Out of the hall, they have a 2 vanity bathroom, with a shower and bathtub separated so both can clean at once (though they rarely do due to water pressure issues).

The Cloak's room is filled with memorabilia from his travels, such as swords, daggers, monk robes, etc. He keeps a locked chest hidden underneath a pile of sheets. Anyone who managed to pick the lock would find only some spare change inside. He keeps his costume hidden underneath the chest in a loose floorboard. His bed is small and looks rarely used, and the most prominent feature of the room is a one-way window set in the wall.

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