Character Sheet
Player: [Nalei]
Race: magic blooded living spell (obcusring mist)
Class: Cleric 6
Alignment: LN

Appearance: A purple/blueish slime woman with a commanding pressence but seeming friendly demeanor.

Personality: Sugar and spice. She has her super sweet days then days where she can be a total B-

Background: Was nothing more then a woman lost her way in the world due to magic, Living on the streets and eating what ever she could find. The world has forgoten about her, and she has turnd her back on it. However the gods saw it a differnt way as they trust her into their blessing forcfuly demanding her service and changing her into what she is now.

Membership: Cohort Amady

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation note the date the character was made 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 0 Chainmail, Morning star, Large sheild -178 gold
3 A change of pace 5/20/12 525 - - After battle a deadly rat…to her anyways as a street begger, she finds a strange peice of paper that she unknowingly fills out. It seeming to be a direct line to a group of gods they decide to trust her into their favor to being a cleric.
4 Mist Slipping Through My Fingers 5/21/2012 150 - - - Coming to a temple they clean her up and treat her much better, however as she is taking a bath the gods once again play a cruel trick onto her, taking her human body she was so proud of away and forcing her to become magic itself into living spell.
5 A Slime's Hair Away 5/22/12 525 510 - -- Set out on a life of adventuring and was barly able to handle a few goblins herself, which she ate afterwards.
6 Haven Plots: Haven Patrol 5/22/1012 1400 550 - - Fought alot of orcs, however was forced to flee with the dead bodies of a patrol.
7 Goo and Order 5/23/013 1240 500 A metal shafted mace with a gooy head. (Goo Morning Star),Tiny Medal of the Knight A goblin sevant named Lenay -500 gold to race change a goblin to a Sylph. Was brought into a court system for the assqution of murdering goblins, which was totally true. About to weasle her way out of her walking away with a new servant, and a new weapon.
8 The Capture of Claudius 05/23/2012 2500 3000 - -1500 full plate mail Was magicaly followed by a small warband to talk to goverment offical's, forced to do something she knew nothing of nor cared of. Fought in a duel to join an army she has no idea where it comes from, then sat her her thumbs for the rest of the night in the tavern.
9 Favor from an archaeologist. 05/26/2012 7200 2000 +1 full platemail - Showed up and played with white flames, finding out it reacts nicly to posetive enegry,.
10 You sure that was all of them? 5/27/2012 2250 - gained cohort Amady - Was attacked by a skale in the middle of the night as she remains awake over the part due to her inabititly to sleep now.
11 Maximu...m Villainy 05/29/2012 3300 4000 - - Was on some boat and set off to free her race of salvary. And got to fuse with her sister for the frist time!
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