Burn Salve
The boiled leaves from musk muddle (a foul-smelling weed) form an integral part of burn salve, an excellent remedy for even severe burns. As its name implies, burn salve mitigates some of the effects of fire damage, but only if it is applied within 2 rounds of the injury. If applied in time, the smooth white salve heals 1d6 points of damage, but it cannot heal damage that was not inflicted by fire.
Price: 15gp, Craft Alchemy DC 10

Devil's Soap
The insides of a stygian pumpkin are used to make a foul-smelling, black paste called devil's soap. Devil's soap is a favorite of blacksmiths and those who work with fire. One application of devil's soap provides fire resistance 2. The effects of devil's soap last for 1 hour.
Price: 25gp, Craft Alchemy DC 20

Dragon Brew
Spotty dragonfire (a wildflower common near the lairs of red dragons) is used in the making of dragon brew, a thick liquid that increases stamina and numbs pain. A dose of dragon brew grants the imbiber a +1 alchemical bonus to all Fortitude saves for 1 hour.
Price: 50gp, Craft Alchemy DC 25

Elf Hazel
The sap of the elven willow is the main component in a fluid called elf hazel. If elf hazel fluid is applied to any scar (from a now-healed wound) the scar slowly vanishes. It takes a week of daily applications for the scar to vanish completely.
Price: 5gp, Craft Alchemy DC 10

Frost Lotion
The silvery edges of tyrant's sword (a coarse, broad-leafed grass) can be boiled and used to make a warm, porridge-like substance called frost lotion. The pleasant-smelling topical heals injuries caused by extreme cold. Frost lotion can mitigate some of the effects of cold damage, but only if it is applied within 2 rounds of the injury. If applied in time, the thick lotion heals 1d6 points of damage, but it cannot heal damage that was not inflicted by cold.
Price: 15gp, Craft Alchemy DC 10

Gash Glue
Old man's friend (an herb with an effect not unlike catnip on canines) can be crushed and mixed with a number of other substances to produce a thick, gray glue called gash glue Soldiers often carry gash glue to seal a fallen companion's wounds quickly. One application of gash glue stabilizes a dying creature.
Price: 40gp, Craft Alchemy DC 20

Goblin Ink
The juice of the goblin rouge berry can be used in the creation of a high-quality waterproof ink, sometimes called goblin ink after its origin. The waterproof goblin ink cannot be smeared or distorted by water after it dries. It is popular for public notices and is sometimes used in spellbooks or other works that will be exposed to the elements.
Price: 20gp, Craft Alchemy DC 10

Ice Crystal
When immersed in liquid, this small piece of rock crystal becomes as cold as a piece of ice and remains that way until it is removed from the liquid, whereupon it reverts to its normal temperature. Ice crystals are used to cool liquids in laboratories and keep drinks cold.
Price 5gp; Craft Alchemy DC 15

Icewalker Oil
The ice lotus is the key ingredient in a powerful alchemical substance called icewalker oil. If properly treated with alchemical reagents, ice lotus petals yield a thin blue liquid that grants uncanny ability to walk and climb on ice. The effects of icewalker oil are identical to the spider climb spell, but the substance functions only on icy or snow-covered surfacts. The effects of icewalker last for 10 minutes.
Price: 75gp, Craft Alchemy DC 35

Journeyman Serum
Wolfweed has one function that is not commonly known. With careful preparation, it forms an integral part of an alchemical substance called journeyman serum. Journeyman serum provides a +2 alchemical bonus to Constitution checks made to resist taking subdual damage from making a forced march.
Price: 5gp, Craft Alchemy DC 5

Lantern Stars
Cave star does not shed sufficient light for good vision on its own. However, when placed in fist-sized glass globes and soaked with other reagents, the lichen sheds light equal to a torch for a time, after which it burns out. These lanterns, called lantern stars, last for 4 hours before burning out. They do not give off heat or smoke, and the light is constant and unwavering. The lanterns are often used in areas where the fire from torches might light pockets of gas or where flickering light is insufficient.
Price: 5gp, Craft Alchemy DC 10

Pixie table is a crucial ingredient in a red liquid called memorybind. The thin liquid is famous among wizards, clerics, and other spellcasters who must prepare their spells. Memorybind increases a spellcaster's mental prowess, allowing him to prepare an additional 1st-level spell on the morning he drinks the liquid. Memorybind disrupts the natural flow of magic, however, reducing the DC of all spells the user casts during that day by 2.
Price: 300gp, Craft Alchemy DC 30

What is not commonly known is that the stem of the wild fireclover is capable of producing a powerful mind-clouding addition to a normal poison. When combined with an ingested poison, mindfire leaves the imbiber confused and disoriented. Imbibers who fail either save required by a mindfire-enhanced poison suffer a -2 alchemical penalty to Will saves. In addition, spellcasters affected by a mindfire-enhanced poison must make a Concentration check (DC 15 + spell level) to cast spells. The effects of mindfire last for one hour. Mindfire can only be combined with ingested poisons.
Price: 200gp, Craft Alchemy DC: 30

Night Venom
The root of the orticusp is pulped and mixed with a poison to make a potent additional effect. If the victim of a night-venom-enhanced poison fails the initial Fortitude save to resist the poison, she must immediately make an additional Fortitude save against the poison's normal DC. If the victim fails this save, she falls into a fitful slumber until the poison's secondary effect sets in. Creatures sleeping due to the effects of a night-venom-enhanced poison can be awakened by normal means.
Price: 500gp, Craft Alchemy DC: 35

The bark of the dwarven oak can be used to create a viscous brown liquid that can be added to any poison to increase its toxicity. Dealing in oakdeath is illegal in most places and often carries the same penalty as actually poisoning someone. If added to a poison less than 1 hour before the poison's application, oakdeath increases the poison's DC by 1.
Price 100gp; Craft Alchemy DC 25

Cotsblam sap is extracted and used as a base for a clear, syrupy substance called purebalm. When applied to the skin of someone who has been poisoned by an injury or contact poison, purebalm turns black as it absorbs the poison out of the victim's system. Purebalm only functions when administered between the initial and secondary onset of an injury or contact poison. If applied before the secondary onset of an appropriate poison, purebalm provides a +8 alchemical bonus to the Fortitude saving throw to resist the poison's secondary effects.
Price: 75gp, Craft Alchemy DC 35

An alchemist who knows the proper distillation techniques can create a powerful effect by refining normal prickly tea into a stronger, fouler-tasting substance known as senses. Senses sharpens the imbiber's eyes and ears, providing a +1 alchemical bonus to Spot and Listen checks for 1 hours.
Price: 50gp, Craft Alchemy DC 25

The heads of halfling thistles are used to create shinewater, a rust remover and polisher. Metal objects left in a bath of shinewater overnight shed all rust and corrosion, and they look highly polished after being dried and rubbed lightly with a soft cloth. One dose of shinewater is sufficient to de-rust one Medium-size metal weapon or a similarly sized object, and each bath is good for only one use.
Price: 10gp, Craft Alchemy DC 5

Vine Oil
Living sand vine can be cut and its juices squeezed out. When combined with more common ingredients, this juice forms a weak local anesthetic called vine oil. When spread on bare skin, vine oil numbs the area, allowing the user to withstand great amounts of pain. While the effects of vine oil last, the user can function normally until reduced below -5 hit points, but when reduced below 0 hit points, he still loses 1 hit point per round. If reduced below -5 hit points, the user falls unconscious. When the user's hit point total falls below -10, the user dies. Creatures who have used vine oil within the last 24 hours cannot stabilize on their own, and many warriors have died while using this oil, succumbing to their injuries before an ally could reach them to staunch their wounds. The effects of vine oil last for 1 hour. Vine oil smells faintly of fish, and those who use it regularly can often be identified by its smell.
Price: 50gp, Craft Alchemy DC 15

White Sanguine
Powdered meadow giant stem is the principle ingredient in white sanguine, a milky, viscous substance smeared on assassin's blades to prevent blood clotting. Wounds inflicted by a weapon covered in white-sanguine-enhanced poison often fail to clot. If the victim fails the initial Fortitude save to resist the enhanced poison's effects, the wound continues to bleed for one minute, inflicting 1 point of damage per round in blood loss. The bleeding can be stopped with a DC 15 Heal check or the application of any cure wounds spell. White sanguine can only be combined with injury poisons.
Price: 100gp, Craft Alchemy DC: 20

Wittlewort Brew
Wittlewort brew immediately grants creatures under the effects of Enchantment spells or effects another saving throw to resist those effects. If the Enchantment effect did not allow an initial saving throw, wittlewort brew has no effect.
Price: 100gp, Craft Alchemy DC 15

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