Adventure Template

To use the template below, select and copy the information.

Adventures pages are always created with the Calendar.
DO NOT click 'edit' on this page.
Copy the RAW code as it is presented below and paste it into the page editor, edit, save, done.

**ESTIMATED DATE:** indicate what date the adventure will take place
**ESTIMATED TIME:** indicate the time and the timezone when the adventure will start
**DM:** Copy your wikidot user page here
**TEASER:** Place a teaster about what will happen in the adventure
**WHERE:** Indicate what OpenRPG Server the game will take place on
**SPECIAL RESTRICTIONS:** Indicate any special restrictions other than level. This could be a list of character types not to use, a preference for low optimization and whatnot
**WHAT'S REQUIRED?:** A fully (and properly) updated character sheet and wiki page.
**DM STYLE?:** (Indicate your Style preferences directly, high power, low power, Puzzle, Action, RP, Etc. so players have an idea of what to expect).






**Update the Wiki:**



**Chat Log:**


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