Adventure Creation And Wiki Updating


1. Before every adventure, the DM hosting the adventure is required to make an entry into the Calendar located at Adventures or Here. The reason for this is to allow an easy method for outsiders to note when they can join games. Even if you decide to run an adventure on the spot, you are required to make an entry in the above-mentioned pages because it gives an accurate sense of vitality and a quick way to find out what happened.

2. When an adventure is just starting, assign one player the task of writing up the adventure and another player the task of updating the wiki pages (NPCs, Locations, Organizations, etc.). The reason for this is two-fold, as a multi-DM campaign setting, its important for new DMs to know what has happened before with the respective, NPC, City, etc. and that editing the wiki entries takes time and everything gets done much faster if more people than the DM make the updates.

3. When an adventure is completed, an Adventure page must be created or the Calendar event must be edited according to the Example Adventures templates and a link be made on the Adventures page. This is so the events of the world, and the acquisitions and xp gain of the PCs are properly documented. As a multi-DM campaign setting, it's very important for all of the gains made by a player be verifiable plus it's just fun to be able to look up and read what other adventuring parties accomplished which enriches the campaign experience for everyone as a whole.

4. Before a DM runs their next adventure, they need to ensure that the assigned players have done their part in writing up the adventure and updating the wiki pages of the affected personages, if they have not, dock those players xp or the benefits of the adventure entirely and finish the updating yourself. Otherwise just spot check and quick edit their entries for correctness. DO NOT skip this step or you risk losing your own privileges to DM games at Black Marches. The reason for this is very simple, as a Multi-DM setting, there have to be some standards in place for smooth running and easy continuity.

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