Action Points


Action points provide a player with the means to alter rolls and influence outcomes in dramatic situations, reflecting the luck that can change crushing failure into heroic success. Your character has a limited number of action points per session, however, you must use them wisely.


  • Every character has 4 action points to use per session
  • At the DM's discretion, a player may regain action points if they rest for 8hrs or more game time.


  • Can spend an action point to improve the result of a d20 roll by 1d6, gain an additional d6 every 4 levels
  • Spend one action point to hasten an artificer's infusion, reducing it it a one standard action casting time.
  • Spend one action point to let a spellcaster switch one prepared spell for another one.
  • Spend one action point to let an initiator switch out one maneuver for another one.
  • Spend action points to power a metamagic feat. You must spend the same number of action points as the level increase of the feat, and you can not exceed the maximum level of spells you could normally cast like this.
  • Spend one action point to restore 1 power point per level. This is added to your current power point pool.
  • Choose a Class Feature with limited uses per day. Spend one action point to gain 1 +$\frac{1}{4}$ (Maximum Normal Uses) Additional uses
  • Spend two action points to make an extra attack at your highest bonus (only once per round).
  • Avoid Death: You can spend 2 action points to avoid death, your character becomes unconscious and stabilized at -1 hp
  • Spend three action points to make an attack at your highest bonus as an immediate action.
  • Spend x action point to do something else, at the DM's digression. Anything suitably heroic.


  • Unused Action Points are lost if not used.


  • Feats from the Eberron setting influence these action points in the same way they would Eberron action points.
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